We Have Been Scammed by Provartis, AG

We Have Been Scammed by Provartis, AG - Mark Britain and Paul Ubsdell

We have been scammed by Mark Britain and Paul Ubsdell and a company named Provartis, AG located in Zurich, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as “Provartis”).

Both Britain and Ubsdell claim they are the principals of a trading program and are officers of the company Provartis, AG.

They maintained that they had traded in the past and were ready to accept funds to enter into a program. They required that funds be sent to their attorney and held in escrow. Once the money was received by the attorney and the account was established, the account information would be sent to us, the funds would be transferred to that account with us being the sole signatory on the account and then trading would start.

The funds were transferred to the attorney’s account but stayed there for over three months while we received nothing but excuses that the bank account was being established that the trading had started. The transaction went from an account in Luxembourg to Germany to Malta and finally Hong Kong. Provartis claimed that one of the principals of the company was King Carlos of Germany.

Provartis et al was introduced by to us by Ronald Mogen of Tarzana, CA. who stated he had known them for a long time and had done business with them and had been paid on transactions.

Provartis claims a Chris Mason of CMAK Finance Ltd. as their “banker” financial person that is supposed to handle the transfer of the funds. He has also given excuses and no funds have been transfered.

As far as we can determined almost all claims made by all of the principals have no merit and are false.

It has been over one year since we transferred funds to Provartis’ attorney and as far as we can determined Provartis still does not have the ability to open accounts in the client’s name or have transacted any trades.

They have repeatedly promised to return our losses of $585,000 but have only given us excuses and delays.

13 thoughts on “We Have Been Scammed by Provartis, AG

  1. John

    Paul and Mark are liars and if you are thinking of getting involved with these people you should think again.

  2. stephen

    Both Mark and Paul are fraudsters……….the people whom they claim are their partners too are fraudsters…..they claim they are legitimate platform owners when they are not and have access to nothing of such……they are chancers whom will play you like a fool and make false representations about their wherewithal…..they mislead you and then cost you money…….they should be reported to the authorities all over the world……of which i am currently doing in Europe…….hopefully the allegations made against them will stick and they will be investigated by the appropriate regulators…….no one needs crooks like them taking our hard earned money……they are CROOKED CRIMINALS

  3. Adam

    I had a lucky escape with these 2 jokers a few years back. Was on the verge of starting a company with them with promises of investment from overseas and a large customer base they already had. Did some digging and found out some bad press about an old company that was swiftly explained away by Paul.

    Same mo.. aaa credit, fully regulated blah de blah! Eventually took the decision to call them on it and they disappeared. With about 6k in cash and 9k in computer equipment. Paul then had the audacity to stand up in a networking meeting and ask to speak to me. How I didn’t flatten him right there I will never quite know, but it would have looked bad in front of my peers.

    Something he wanted me to look at was cleaning his profile online which I refused to do.

    They are currently in court I understand. Would love to know what the case is.

    1. Dave

      Thought you might like to know paul upsdal and his farther are presently serving a jail sentence for fraud paul is also wanted in the USA to face another jail sentence they are both still trying to raise funds

  4. john smith

    They are fraudsters – pure and simple. Quite why/how the Police have not yet got them in custody is a mystery to me.

  5. Anon

    I met Mark and Paul after an introduction from Chris Mason. They introduce themselves as very successful business men backed by well known organisations – THIS IS A TOTAL LIE!! They are fraudsters and huge time wasters. They string you along and continue to lie through the teeth. Please please please, if you come into contact with these people have nothing to do with them and report them immediately – they will SCAM you!!!

  6. anon

    Paul Ubsdell rented a house from me some years ago. After 2 months he stopped paying rent. A car company came to repossess his car (a very nice Jag). It took me 6 months to go through the courts to get him and his wife Tatiana Kalugina out. I have just received a letter from the Insolvency Service that Kalugina has a bankruptcy order against her, as does Ubsdell, as of 6 June 2014, on the petition of Crowell & Moring — estimated liabilities of £5,100,276.40. I feel sorry for anyone who gets involved with Ubsdell, because you are bound to lose money. He is a true fraudster, has no qualms taking money from anyone, and is self-deluded about his abilities to “run a business” — which he clearly cannot. About 8 years ago his company Parrot Telecom went bust, leaving many people out of pocket, and he was barred from being a company director in theory — although that is not well policed because he was a director of several companies when he was my tenant. The sooner he is banged up the better, but sadly I suspect he will carry on defrauding people for the rest of his life. He’s not good at anything else. As for Kalugina, I don’t know if she’s a relatively innocent stool pigeon for Ubsdell or complicit in his frauds. Steer clear of them both.

  7. matt

    They were in court for factoring fraud with barclays bank. There was an article published in the harow times last year which explains the whole situation. Both Paul and his Father David were in court for fraud and deception with Barclays Bank for something in the region of £250.000. Total Fraudsters.

  8. PaulFraud

    I am in the Netherlands and have found this entire group is a well-oiled scam machine including their multiple companies and arms & partners including:

    1) Their newest company Crestward Capital Ltd — CrestwardCapital.com
    2) Their newest sales representatives Adantia — Adantia.co.uk
    3) The UK lawyer Matthew Roddan, previously of Recompense Ltd and Eastleys (http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Torbay-legal-company-reaches-agreement-Eastleys/story-19444783-detail/story.html)
    4) Duncan Pearson who is registered on UK companies with Matthew Roddan and Josh Steiner, both of Adantia Ltd.
    5) Paul Ubsdell is currently in Bankruptcy proceedings and the Crestward website is gone.
    6) Looks like they are on the run……

  9. Ty Fairman

    I am a former FBI Special Agent that is introducing this case to UK authorities, in an attempt to hold all of the enablers of this program responsible. For informational purposes, Paul Ubsdell is presently in Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) in the UK. However, this investigation does not have merit without interviewing the victims and/or entities that invested funds into this program. All parties are liable, to include Pascale/Wood/Atkins, the attorneys that received funds on behalf of the program and who guaranteed it’s validity. Therefore, please feel free to look me up on google.com, look at my company and contact me via my website or at: tfairman1@yahoo.com

    With the approximate amount of $40 million USD, this case will be investigated by the U.S., UK, Switzerland and Hong Kong. However, it has to be a multi-jurisdictional investigation. The UK is agreeing to commit, but I have to ascertain the victims and obtain affidavits.


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